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Date Published: November 2017
SALE: $.99 from February 14-28

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Fledgling police sketch artist Piper Cooke has always been different.

Gifted with second sight, but cursed with a life of tragedy, she has survived the feral streets of Dixon and has triumphed over her troubled upbringing. Piper faces her biggest challenge yet, however, when her visions compel her to disobey police orders and send her right into the wicked grasp of a madman.

Her life should've ended back in the blood soaked suburban basement, but it didn't. Instead, the brutal trauma that should've been the end of her only makes her unique abilities stronger.

Years after her escape, a series of hideous visions force Piper out of hiding and back into the city that almost destroyed her years ago. Plagued by premonitions of doom, she finds herself compelled to track down Dixon's most twisted serial killer yet.

Follow Piper through a horrifically unsettling labyrinth of family secrets, corruption and the sickening workings of humanity’s darkest minds.



Chapter One

July 23rd 2012 12:35 pm

Dixon City - Suburbs

 She had given up on the hope of surviving this.

 Perhaps it was hours ago that the switch had been flicked in her brain, but it could have been minutes. It could’ve been days. Anything remaining of Megan’s sanity, that rational part of her that had the ability to form coherent thoughts had dissolved as quickly and completely as a sugar cube in a cup of scalding tea.

 The only thing she knew now for sure was pain. It had taken over her mind, hand in hand with a kind of fear that she couldn’t have possibly comprehended before. It was a combination that no one survives to talk about.

 Her world had been reduced to the basement she was being held in.


 She had assured Megan that the dealer was legitimate. The house had seemed safe enough. Nevertheless, a nervousness had blossomed the moment they stepped off the bus, and it had continued to grow in her stomach with every step the two of them had taken to the address Beth’s new online ‘friend’ had given her.

 “C’mon Megan. Don’t be a chicken shit,” Beth had scowled.

 Beth was scary when she was mad.

She always had been. Her narrow eyes and wiry red hair gave her an off-putting look that she’d used to her advantage since childhood. Beth had practically dragged Megan up the cracked concrete path that led to the house, her freckled arms so much more powerful.

There had been a dog barking in the background, she could remember that much. For some reason, its yapping had sent warning signals off all through her body, only increasing the tension that was building steadily inside her.

Megan had known that they were risking it by skipping school to buy drugs in the worst part of town. She’d seen enough horror movies to know that this was how all immoral teenage girls were punished. Instead of knocking on the door of a drug house, she should’ve been in first-period biology. But she wasn’t.

She hadn’t wanted to be chicken shit.

Megan blinked at the paneling and matted green carpet that decorated her prison. Beth had escaped. Of course she had, she had always been the stronger one. Thick boned and fearless like some kind of suburban Viking.

It hadn’t come as a shock at all when, through eyes clouded with tears, she saw Beth begin to successfully loosen her wrist bonds. Her skin had torn from the rope, and the blood that coated her hands like red satin gloves eventually helped her to slide free.

Beth hadn’t looked back at her when she slipped through the basement window. Her face had been so transformed with fear and outright panic that she looked more like a wild animal than a human.

It had been when Megan helplessly watched the soles of Beth’s sneakers disappearing through the casement window that the rational part of her mind had broken.

Two girls never escaped. There was always one left behind.

There was always one set of parents collapsing with grief in the background while the survivor’s family turned their elated smiles to the news cameras.

Megan Coogan, who had willingly allowed Beth to cheat off her in school almost daily. Megan Coogan, who had lied to Beth’s parents so that their daughter could make out with some nameless boy in the dusty corner of a playground.

That Beth would carry on, finish school, get married, get a job, maybe even have kids.

Megan Coogan would never leave this basement.

The sound of footsteps on the creaking stairs sent a surge of adrenaline through Megan’s system, drowning out her thoughts and causing her limbs to go rigid. Breathing heavily, she listened to the wood groan as he moved slowly down the steps, as if deep in thought.

The door opened carefully, and he stepped in the room.

About the Author

E.M. Townsend is an incredibly talented writer who hails from the Great White North. This amazing wordsmith crafts intricate tales of horror and suspense that will keep you up at night. S. Prescott Thrillers has named E.M. Townsend as one of the hottest new novelists in the genre.

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Gone Viral #Blitz

Gone Viral (A Miles Stevens Novel Book 3)


A Miles Stevens Novel, Book 3
Date Published:  February 15, 2018

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It has been months since Miles Stevens, a time traveling CIA agent for the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), has seen his former partner, Terri King.

Upon returning from his most recent assignment, Miles learns Terri and her new partner, Dr. James Brock, have been transported from 2050 and their offices in Langley, Virginia to thwart a bioterrorist assault on the 2032 Olympic Games in Sydney. A genetically altered chimera virus was used in the devastating September 1st attack, resulting in tens of thousands of deaths. It was never determined who was responsible, but AQIA, a terrorist organization from North Africa, was suspected.

Miles demands to join Terri and is transported to August 18, 2032. Terri is surprisingly cool to Miles’ return, having decided a life with a risk-taking CIA agent may be too stressful. Not giving up on their relationship, Miles gives her time and space.

The strong-willed Brock attempts to lead the investigation from Atlanta and win the support of Terri, but Miles has other plans. He follows his instincts to investigate a reported smallpox outbreak near Moscow, where clues mount and peril rapidly surrounds him.

Death, danger, and diversions lie ahead. Terri is torn between supporting Brock and following Miles to Moscow. With time running out, the CIA trio will need to come together if they are to stop the historic September 1st attack.

Other Books in the Miles Stevens Series:

Melting Sand
A Miles Stevens Novel, Book 1

Years of unsuccessful nuclear arms negotiations in the Middle East had finally resulted in warring countries facing off with unthinkable destructive powers. Regional flare-ups had escalated and geopolitical dominoes had tumbled, finally leading to a horrific 48-hour interchange that erased cities and forever changed the region and the world.

The war was already in the history books when Miles Stevens and Terri King were sent 23 years into the past to relive a botched CIA mission -- a mission intended to prevent the 2027 Middle East War. They landed at O'Hare International Airport with no memory of who they were, who they left behind, or why they were there. Their memories were gradually restored by their CIA superiors as they orchestrate Miles and Terri's mission from their Pentagon offices in the year 2050.

Iranian subversives, acting alone, intent on fueling the war's progress, had been alerted to the couple's arrival, putting them in danger the second they landed in Chicago. In the coming months, Miles and Terri faced the challenge of daily survival, the challenge of intercepting the events leading to the war, and the challenge of what to do with their growing love that was two decades before its time.

Cyber One
A Miles Stevens Novel, Book 2

Coordinated cyberattacks were launched against the U.S. on May 8, 2020, destroying vast electrical grids of its largest cities, sending them into darkness and chaos. In the weeks and months that followed, thousands of citizens perished, the American economy collapsed, and gang law ruled. The source of these attacks remained a mystery.

Miles Stevens, a time traveling CIA agent with the Department of Historic Intervention (DHI), ended his last mission stranded in 2028, never knowing if his partner, Terri King, made it safely home to 2050. Before returning to learn Terri’s fate, Miles is given another DHI assignment--travel back to 2020, join the newly formed Cyber One counterterrorism team, and avert the May 8th cyberattacks.

From Cyber One headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, Miles and his team pursue the cyberterrorists to remote outposts in Russia and the Middle East. With the May 8th deadline looming, Miles Stevens once again races against time to alter history.


Year – Somewhere between 2020 and 2050

BODY AND MIND DETACH during journeys across time.

      Einstein was the first to theorize such travel was possible, but it took more than 100 years after his death to put his theory into practice.   Elaborate technologies were developed to convert mass into protons for the time-altering voyage, and then upon arrival, convert them back to their original form.

Protons can’t think, yet Miles Stevens firmly believed he had thoughts, or maybe dreams, during his trips from one decade to the next.  Returning from his most recent mission, his vision of Terri King was vivid.  He anticipated her greeting, arms extended, smile bright.

Without his body to limit what his mind imagined, everything seemed possible. Miles wondered what it would be like to be suspended indefinitely passing through time.  He concluded the thoughts were euphoric, but thinking wasn’t as satisfying as doing.

Hope sustained Miles during his last mission: hope that Terri was safe and hope that they’d be reunited.  The desperate look on Terri’s face as she was forced into the time capsule had never left Miles’ mind.  Left alone two decades in the past, he could do nothing to save her.  But Miles’ wait was nearly over.  He was about to learn if Terri had made it home to 2050.

MILES HEARD THE DOORS of the time capsule snap open and felt the rush of fresh air filling the cabin.  He squinted as his eyes adjusted to the florescent light of the reentry room.

He could see Dr. Jones, standing stone-faced outside the capsule door.  Miles scanned the open space before him, but there was no sign of Terri.

It had been nearly a year since Miles had seen his former partner.

Where is she?  

About the author:

A dog lover, blogger and author of several novels, D.R. (Donn) Shoultz hails from a small town in central Illinois. He and his wife Claudia have called North Carolina home for more than 20 years. Donn writes at their mountain retreat off the Blue Ridge Parkway where Claudia shares her editorial experience in shaping his novels, and where they both enjoy hiking nearby wooded trails with their dog, Milo.

Donn turned his focus to writing in the fall of 2010 following a 32-year career in corporate America that took him around the world. His ongoing writing projects include posting regular thoughts to his blog, submitting short stories to competition, and working on his next novel.  Having recently finished the third book in the Miles Stevens series, GONE VIRAL, Donn has begun a murder mystery set in the foothills of North Carolina.

Donn’s short stories have received recognition in national writing competitions. Blending captivating characters with suspenseful plots, Donn strives to appeal to a broad range of readers. His books include:

•           Corrupt Connection

•           Better Late Than Ever

•           Melting Sand – A Miles Stevens Novel #1

•           Cyber One – A Miles Stevens Novel #2

•           Gone Viral – A Miles Stevens Novel #3

•           It Goes On – Short Story Collection #1

•           Most Men –  Short Story Collection #2

You can find Donn's books on Amazon and Goodreads, or go to to learn more about his writing.

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Mercury Rises ♥ Blog Tour! ♥ #Interview ♥ Plus Bonus Scene!!

Mercury Rises


A girl looking for a way out.

Being the daughter of New America’s leader, Mercury Masters has everything a girl could want. A glamorous life full of beautiful people, and the power to have anything she wants, except for one thing—to escape. Because Mercury’s perfect life comes with secrets to keep. Dangerous secrets that if made public would destroy her, her family, and her father’s reign. Then she meets Hawk.

A boy looking to be a hero.

Hawk, a handsome prep school dropout turned vigilante, has his own family secrets. Deadly secrets that have haunted him since he was fifteen. But instead of fighting the ghosts of his past, Hawk has assembled a group of misfit hackers and thieves to save the future from the corrupt government of New America and the mysterious virus that is killing off its citizens. But trying to do the right thing is tough when the person you really want to save is your enemy’s daughter.

A love that could kill them both.

Powerful forces keep them apart, but coming together could be the key to saving New America from destruction—even though it may cost both their lives.

A near-future YA biopunk retelling of Robin Hood.

Mercury Rises by Scarlett Kol
Publication Date:  February 13, 2018
Publisher:  Inkspell Publishing

Link to Goodreads:

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Excerpt: The Rooftop

My breath started to come in short bursts. I clamped my palm over my mouth to hold it in, or at least slow it down. Hawk rolled closer to me and took my other hand, gripping it tight.
“It’ll be okay,” he whispered in my ear so quietly I wasn’t sure if he’d even said anything out loud or if I’d simply felt the words flit across my skin.
“She couldn’t have jumped, there’s no way out over there,” the guard on the dumpster yelled to his buddy, his voice far too close.
Metal rumbled under the guard’s boots. Back and forth. Pacing.
Fingers popped up on the edge of the roof. Thick fingers with bulging knuckles and a crooked black star tattoo. I started to shimmy back, but Hawk’s squeezed my hand and shook his head.
What was he doing? We needed to get out of here. We needed to—   
“We’re chasing a girl, not a damn monkey. She probably went the other way,” the second guard yelled from farther down the alley.
“I swear I heard noise from this dumpster. I know she came this way,” the first guard responded.
“Then get down, check inside it, and let’s go. I still have to go back and look for my book. My ass will be on the line if I don’t find it.”
The fingers disappeared followed by a metal bang. More footsteps and the creak of the lid opening.
“If she’s in here the smell probably would’ve killed her by now. I think I’m going to puke.”
“See. You probably heard those dumb cats. Let’s get out of here.”
Two sets of footsteps faded into the distance. My lungs started breathing again.
Neither of us moved. We just lay there, still, listening to the noisy clamor of the city at nightfall. The dark, a blanket weighing heavy on our backs. The rush of the chase had drained from my body, but my mind still ran in circles at full speed. What were all those guards doing at an inner-city shelter? What would have happened to me if I’d been caught? Why was Hawk still holding my hand?

Book Review: ♥ +

Mercury Rises was perfect. I'm in love with this book and totally hooked on the story. It was that good I couldn't even pick a favourite character. You need this book in your life, and I need more, more, more!

Mercury wants to escape her life (for reasons that become known later in the book). She is willing to work hard to find a world that is for her, but her family are important and want her home. At the start of the book, we get a glimpse of her tasting freedom, but her father is the leader of the country, and his daughter running away is unacceptable. She is eventually found and brought back home. As this story unfolds Mercury realises the world she knows is tainted.

Hawk is the leader of a misfit rebel group. He is trying to help the poor and take from the rich; a modern day Robin Hood. Mercury may just be his downfall. She catches him in her house and turns his plans upside down. She's the daughter of the leader he is rebelling against. She's a threat but not in the way he expects.

Christophe has been in love with his best friend forever. He is closely entangled with her family and is losing himself in the world of politics. He is an intern to The Five, the leaders of the country. He works closely with Mercury's dad. He knows Mercury better than most but she is slowly slipping away. Can he juggle his career and remind Mercury why they were good together?

Hawks misfit crew have mad skills and all have great personalities. From Hackers to thieves they are all loveable in their own way. Even the tough ones.

Mercury is naive to a dystopian world. Hawk opens her eyes and now she can't close them. She is a great character. She's young (17) and trying to find her own place in the world. What she discovers is so much more.

The love triangle in this book was amazing. I am totally in love with all the corners.

My review and the synopsis do not do this book justice. The reason for this is because there are so many secrets in this story I don't want to give anything away.

5+ stars out of 5. This book couldn't have been any more perfect for me.


Interview Plus Bonus Scene!
Question One: What was your inspiration for writing Mercury Rises? This story actually came together in a really strange way. I had intended on writing a Robin Hood retelling, but I had plotted a cute contemporary YA romance instead. As I was starting to put the story together, I went for a walk downtown and saw this old hotel and a scene started to form in my head. I got back to my office and the majority of the first chapter came pouring out, but the girl in that story wasn’t the cute contemporary romance type. I then started reimagining how the Robin Hood story could go if this girl was my Maid Marian instead of the one I had originally envisioned. The virus plot line was a concept I had thought up years ago and suddenly all of these different ideas mixed and melded together into what Mercury is today.

Question Two: There are so many characters in this book I love. Who is your favourite character and why? My favorite character is Red. She’s snarky and brash, but she has this other side to her that I don’t think everyone typically sees.

Question Three: Christophe and Mercury were close when they were younger. Can you tell us more about their childhood? Christophe and Mercury have always had a close relationship. As their fathers have been partners in business for years, they have often been thrown together. Not surprisingly, a romance between the two began as they grew older, and as Christophe leaned on Mercury after the death of his mother. Christophe was always the overachiever. Popular, athlete, student government, anything to throw himself into and make him feel validated. Mercury would’ve been a bit of a drama queen. She’d be centre of attention just because of who her father was and her access to anything she wanted. Coupled with Mercury’s growing disdain for her father, her party girl ways would’ve been a form of rebellion against his conservative reign. Christophe and Mercury were a high school power couple. Christophe’s flair for the romantic and Mercury’s dramatic streak made for an electric, passionate relationship that would’ve been relationship goals for any of the students at Charlotte Hall. A close girlfriend of mine has asked for a Christophe/Mercury prequel love story, and maybe that might be something I need to look into!

Question Four: Will we be meeting Bill again in later books or can you tell us what happened to him. Did he get back on his feet? How does he feel about Mercury and did he receive her gift without any other consequence? I would love for Mercury and Bill to meet up again at some point. I have some ideas on how I would like this to happen, but it is still preliminary. Mercury’s gift would’ve allowed Bill to settle down and live a serene life, making peace with his own demons. He would’ve been allowed to accept the gift as losing it would’ve caused more questions than the Five would be willing to answer.

Question Five: Before Mercury's world began to get unbearable. What was her favourite thing about being 'Princess of the kingdom'? The excess. Parties, servants, and virtually anything she wanted. Eventually, as we see in the novel, Mercury realizes that these things aren’t worth the pain they cause, but while she could throw herself into fabulous clothes and fabulous friends to hide her pain, it was definitely a perk.

Question Six: What were Hawks impressions of Mercury when he saw her at the party? Maybe this would be better answered from that scene in Hawk’s point of view.

Step one complete. All essential personnel had been accounted for in this room. Now step two -- slip out of this hall and get into that office. After gliding through the front door without even a blink from a guard, the rest of this mission should be simple. No one suspected me. No one to try and stop me.
I craned my neck and scanned the back wall. Ratchett stood in position, shifting his weight from foot to foot. Don’t lose it now, man, we’re almost done. I dropped my head and focused on the far ballroom door, quickening my pace. Then…bam! My arm wrenched back, as a blurry purple missile tried to rip through me instead of simply going around. 
I glanced down into the shocked face of none other than Mercury Masters, the first daughter of the Five. Adrenaline ripped through my blood, the room heating to boiling in an instant. Of anyone to see me, it had to be her. One of the only people in this room who might be able to expose me. Her wide-eyed stare pierced my brain. Never wavering. Never blinking. Analyzing. This girl. The one I’d watched from a far, like everyone else at Charlotte Hall, parading around with all her pretty self-important friends. The centre of the universe. A terrifying, beautiful threat to my existence.
“Sorry,” she said, as she shook her head and a few long dark curls fell soft over her bare shoulders. Her full red lips quivered slightly as if to say something else, but instead cast her eyes toward the floor and turned away.
“It’s all right, my fault,” I shouted over the noise, then tore off towards the door trying to shake the paralyzing effect of her stare and the image of kissing those perfect lips. Besides it would never happen, and getting involved with Mercury Masters would be end up being nothing but trouble.

Question Seven: I can't wait for more of this story. When can we expect book two? Nothing official at this point, but I am hoping to get something out as soon as possible.

Question Eight: Are you planning a newsletter to sign up to? Definitely! I just put the sign-up on my website ( and intend to send out my first one in the spring. I’m planning to keep it 4 a year so not to overwhelm people, and maybe an extra one now and again if I have exciting news that can’t wait.

About the Author

Scarlett Kol grew up in Northern Manitoba reading books and writing stories about creatures that make you want to sleep with the lights on. As an adult, she's still a little afraid of the dark. Scarlett now lives just outside Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with her husband and two boys, but if you need to find her she's likely freezing at the hockey rink.

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